Sprite Networks – White label hosting company in Perth, Western Australia

We believe there is a need for an open, honest and professional Cloud solution here in Perth and Sprite Networks is dedicated to filing this.

Our primary focus is centred around the belief that no matter how many safe guards or backup processes you have in place, things can go wrong. This problem is magnified when you move your software to the cloud. We aim to reduce the stress of this task by always providing you with a straight answer as to why something is not working. We will always let you know of any outages or issues we experience. More importantly we will let you know what caused it and what we plan on doing to make sure it never happens again.

Being honest with you, allows you to be honest with your customers.

Sprite Networks – Your light through the Cloud

What’s white label

White Label allows you to brand our products as your own. Selling them as if you were the one hosting it. Allowing you to customise it to suit your customer base.

Are you experienced

The engineering team that built Sprite Networks have experiencing supporting Large hosting environments. We’ve taken the lesson learnt there and applied them here.

What’s it cost

Everything your customers purchase we credit you back 10% of the sale price. We have found this is the simplest way of doing business.

Experts in cloud applications!


Ideal for organisation with basic requirements.

Dedicated Hosted

For organisations with complex requirements or customisations.

Your Own Infrastructure

We can deploy and manage our solutions on your infrastructure.

Anything else

We aren’t a cookie cutter cloud provider, we can work with you to build the correct solution