Microsoft Exchange

What is Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server is calendaring software, a mail server and contact manager developed by Microsoft. It is often referred to the leading email platform in the world with over 300 million people using the software daily. Exchange has been deployed in enterprises since the late 1990’s and recently has started to be deployed in the cloud.

Exchange Service Architecture

Sprite Networks Multi-Tenant Exchange enviroment is based off Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 with the latest cumulative update. Additionally Sprite Networks has the ability to deploy and manage Exchange environments based on the following software variants.

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP2 and above
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1 (/hosting mode)

Multi-Tenant Feature List

Sprite Networks Hosted Exchange offers a complete set of features. The following are available to service providers who have purchased Sprite Networks Exchange.

  • Outlook Anywhere, Outlook Mobile Access and Outlook Web Access
  • SMTP, POP and IMAP support.
  • SMTP Relay provided for printers are CRM’s
  • Exchange AutoDiscover support
  • Shared Mailboxes
  • Mail Contacts
  • Distribution Lists
  • Public Folders
  • Exchange 2013 Archiving
  • Multiple mailbox databases in different locations
  • HTML Company disclaimer
  • Manage Retention Settings
Organisation Management
  • Multiple Authoritative Domains for the exchange Organisation
  • Add and Remove Domains (Authoritative, External and Internal Relay types)
  • Change and Update Exchange Organisation’s Storage and Retention Policies
  • Complete Migration Capabilities
  • Auto Generated DNS Records for Exchange Domains
  • Activate Exchange on AD Users Created via AD Sync
  • Create/Delete mailboxes
  • Add Bulk Mailboxes
  • Enable/Disable mailboxes
  • Support for User, Room, Equipment, Shared Mailbox & Linked Mailbox type.
  • Update Mailbox Information (General settings, Personal Information)
  • Enable/Disable Litigation Hold
  • Perform Group Actions to Modify Multiple Mailbox Properties
  • Apply Email Address Policies
  • Hide Mailboxes from Address Book
  • Add and Remove Email Address and alias
  • Manage Mailbox Mail Flow Settings (Email Forwarding, Limits, Delete Item Retention, Restrictions)
  • Manage Mailbox Permissions (Send on Behalf, Send As, Full Access)
  • Manage Personal Archive Settings
  • Activate and Deactivate Unified Messaging on Mailbox
  • Enable and Disable and Configure Automatic Replies for a Mailbox
  • Support for Converting User Mailbox to Linked, Shared or Resource Mailbox
  • Support for Creating and Handling Dynamic Distribution Lists
  • Set Accepted and Rejected Senders
  • Enabled and Disable Protocols on a Mailbox (POP, IMAP, OWA, MAPI and ActiveSync)
  • Set “delete item retention” policy
Public Folders
  • Create and Delete public folders
  • Update public folder information
  • Mail Enable Public Folders
  • Change and Add Public Folder E-mail Addresses
  • Manage Public Folder Permissions and Features
  • Set Public Folder Authors
  • Hide Public Folder Mailbox from Address Book
  • Manage public folder mail flow settings
  • Option to Choose Mailbox Database while Creating or Enabling

Dedicated Cloud Feature List

If the Sprite Networks Multi-Tenant Exchange is not suitable, we can deploy a dedicated environment for your customer. We can deploy the Hosted Exchange using our advanced management panel or allow you to manage it using traditional tools. You can install any application enhancements and have the ability to completely customise it as you would any on-premise deployment. This gives your customer all the advantages of Hosting Exchange in the cloud, without any loss of management, visibility or customisation.

Have more than 200 seats? You may qualify for a free Dedicated Cloud implementation and migration.