Microsoft Lync

What is Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync Server is designed to serve the corporate sector through its ability to unify communications bearing IM connectivity, conferencing, telephony, file transfer alongside many other features. Company Heads, Managers, IT Professionals, Sales Staff and almost all the employees in a modern and growing companies need tools which put their work and lives at ease by helping them maintain presence when required and where required. Microsoft Lync presents a unified interface that combines voice communications, IM, audio, video, and Web conferencing into a much improved, enhanced and to the point context.

Lync Service Architecture

Sprite Networks Multi-Tenant Lync enviroment is based off Microsoft Lync Server 2013 with the latest cumulative update. Additional Sprite Networks has the ability to deploy and manage Lync environments based on the following software variants.

  • Microsoft Lync Server 2013
  • Microsoft Lync Server 2010
  • Microsoft Lync Hosting Pack V2 (2013)
  • Microsoft Lync Hosting Pack V1 (2010)

Multi-Tenant Feature List

Sprite Networks Lync offers a wide range of functionality. Following features are available to service providers who have purchased Sprite Networks Lync Multi-Tenancy.

  • Presence / Enhanced Presence
  • IM Connectivity & VOIP
  • Web & Audio Conferencing & P2P Audio/Video
  • File and Desktop Sharing
  • Application Sharing
  • Enterprise Voice \ Voice Policies & Dial Plans
  • Line URI’s Selection and Assignment
  • Location Profiles
  • Persistent Chat
  • Response Groups (Agent Groups, Queues and Workflows Management)
  • Domains for Federation
  • Lync Conference Call Reports
  • DNS Management
Active Directory Management
  • Active Directory Management
  • Add/Remove AD Organizations
  • Add/Remove AD Users
  • Add user details while adding AD user
  • Option to Change Password
  • Unlock the ADUser
  • Add/Remove Security Groups
  • Give AD Users Membership to Security Groups
  • Activate Lync on AD Users created via AD Sync
Organisation Management
  • Multiple SIP domains and meet URLs
  • Perform domain federations using control panel
  • Enterprise Voice Phone number assignment and management
  • Ability to Allow/Block federated domains is provided
  • Option to Allow/Block federated domains list in bulk
User Management
  • SIP user creation across multiple service plans
  • Upgrade/Downgrade user
  • Manage line URI
  • AD properties management
  • Add new user of Different Types (PC-PC,Enterprise Voice, and Remote Call Control)
  • Add Users in Bulk by Supplying CSV File
  • Enable/Disable for Lync Services
  • Change SIP User and Display Name
  • Perform Group Actions for Lync
  • Ability to edit suffix in user
  • Ability to enable Lync service for Linked Mailbox
  • Linked Lync user creation
  • Ability to add Extension Numbers/Private Lines for Enterprise Voice users

Dedicated Cloud Feature List

If the Sprite Networks Multi-Tenant Lync is not suitable, we can deploy a dedicated environment for your customer. Sprite Networks Dedicated Cloud offers all the features of the Multi-Tenant Lync, plus the ability to completely customise it as you would any on-premise deployment. This gives your customer all the advantages of hosting Lync in the cloud, without any loss of management, visibility or customisation.

Have more than 200 seats? You may qualify for a free Dedicated Cloud implementation and migration.